A Labor of Beer | Volume 01

Excited to share a new series we've created about hardworking locals who roll up their sleeves and get the job done while also being a positive influence for their family and community.
Having worked as a chef in NYC, LA and his hometown of San Diego, Phillip Esteban is the R&D Chef for the Consortium Group, who own a dozen highly praised San Diego restaurants including Born & Raised, Ironside, Craft & Commerce, Neighborhood, Underbelly, Soda & Swine. He's also currently the resident Executive Chef at Craft & Commerce in Little Italy. Go pay him a visit and watch the film. 


Phillip Esteban Chef - Harland Beer


Phillip Esteban - Craft and Commerce - San Diego

Phillip Esteban - San Diego - Motorcycles
Phillip Esteban - San Diego Chef
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